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Banded Headbands

Why Banded?


Offering styles for every occasion, BANDED headbands work for you wherever you go. Whether heading to the gym, staying in, or going out, they add the perfect touch to any outfit. With over 300 designs available in Original 1”, Skinny, Wide, Floral, and LUXE styles, there is a headband for every you.

BANDED Layers & BANDED Proud Apparel & Accessories are building on the huge success of our hair accessories. Check them out and let us know what you think! Lot’s more coming this summer!


Finally! A headband that won’t slip and is actually comfortable to wear all day. BANDED headbands feature a patent-pending design which allows them to automatically adjust to comfortably fit any head shape or size. From a 4-year-old to an adult, BANDED headbands are truly one size fits all. The velvet back ensures your headband will stay put right where it’s placed - all day, through any activity.


Partnered with Amazima Ministries, BANDED headbands are making a difference for children in Uganda. Each headband purchased helps BANDED support Amazima’s daily feeding programs.

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