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Antimicrobial fabric comes to Careisma Scrubs by Sofia Vergara

Antimicrobial Fabric Careisma Scrubs Sofia Vergara Store News

Are you one of the growing members of the Healthcare Industry finding out about the new line of scrubs by Sofia Vergara? If so, we think you might find this to be good news :)
The line originally introduced in the early summer season has been a huge hit so far, with more and more members of the healthcare industry trying out, and thoroughly enjoying, the new brand.
Wondering which Careisma Scrubs come with the antimicrobial fabric technology? Look for the Certainty Antimicrobial logo located on the top right of each antimicrobial product's picture.
Interested in other brands of antimicrobial scrubs? Click here to see our full catalog of the next-gen uniform attire making waves across the industry.

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