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Coming Soon: Eko© Devices' Software-Enabled Stethoscopes

Company Store is proud to announce that we will be bringing on a new company with a cutting-edge take on the classic cardiology stethoscope. 
Eko was founded by 3 UC Berkeley students to invent the next evolution in stethoscope technology. For over 200 years, the stethoscope has reigned supreme as the medical device of choice for practitioners, with relatively little innovation since it's inception. This all changed with the debut of Eko and their line of software-enabled devices. Their FDA-approved flagship products are the
Eko Core Digital Attachment and the Eko Core Digital Cardiology Stethoscopewhich serve to amplify audio by up to 40x and reduce ambient noise in your facility. In addition to these incredible improvements, however, is the Eko mobile app for iOS and Android (with Windows app functionality coming soon). With the Eko app, which is included with every purchase, not only are you able to auscultate at a paradigm-changing level with the digital stethoscope, but you are able to see and record heart sounds in seconds. This allows for truly 21st-century patient care via HIPAA compliant sharing and advanced analytics to help you explain every murmur. 
Eko© will be arriving within a few weeks. 

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