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The Future of Scrubs - New Lines from Cherokee, HeartSoul, Sapphire, and more powering the transition to Antimicrobial Uniforms.

Antimicrobial Fabric Store News

Wondering what the future has in store for your uniforms? Take a look at some of the new Uniforms from Infinity, Sapphire, and more and you'll have a good idea.
Certainty™ and Certainty+™ Antimicrobial fabric, technologies that reduce and inhibit the growth of unwanted microorganisms on the wearer's fabric, are revolutionizing the world of uniforms in a way that sounds straight out of a science fiction novel. Using form-fitting, supple fabric, the new technology ushers in an era of unprecedented style and practicality to the uniforms industry. 
But what exactly is Antimicrobial fabric you may ask? Take a look at this video provided by our friends from The Certainty Labs for a detailed look into the technology.


Also available, take a look at Certainty+ to see how Fluid Barriers can give you an extra layer of protection for your Uniforms. 


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